1. H&A will advertise and bear all costs of advertising the property with all major portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Find a Property, 24/7 and others.
  2. H&A will find a suitable tenant and take reasonable steps to obtain references on prospective tenant(s)
  3. At the landlord’s request, H&A will organise for a Gas safety Certificate and/or an Energy Performane Certificate (EPC). The property cannot be advertised without a valid EPC. However, as a valid gas safety certificate is required for the entire duration of the tenant’s occupancy and if H&A is not instructed to manage the property, the landlord will arrange to have all subsequent annual gas checks carried out and indemnify H&A against the consequences of not doing so.
  4. H&A will ensure the due execution of an Assured Shorthold Agreement or other rental agreement as instructed by the landlord and the service of any statutory notices according to statutory requirements.
  5. H&A will collect a deposit and first month’s rent in advance and will account to the landlord for the balance after deduction of fees and any other expenses incurred.
  6. H&A will hold and register with “MyDeposits” any deposit payable by the tenant against dilapidation found to have accrued at the end of the tenancy as stakeholders. The landlord will not be entitled to any interest on this sum.
  7. H&A advises the landlord (on a let-only) to employ an independent inventory clerk at the commencement of the tenancy to draw up an inventory of the property’s fixtures, fittings and contents, and compile a check-in report. The cost of these will be the responsibility of the landlord. H&A advises the landlord to arrange for the tenant to be checked out against the initial inventory report at the end of the tenancy. The cost of this is borne by the tenant unless the tenancy agreement states otherwise. Where instructed, H&A can recommend an inventory clerk.